Nigerian Spam email

Nigerian Spam email If you get an email that looks like a scam please send it to us using the contact form and include the IP number in the message. We will take action against any spammer abusing this website. We recently saw some Nigerian scam person send a "dating" email to users and we now blocked that IP number. is always working to provide the best possible security for the users along with Internet spam police. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.
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SMS to Thailand

Send SMS to Thailand

If you want to send SMS to Thailand you can probably use your own cell phone, viper or any other free SMS service. But if you want to send Translated SMS there is only ONE company that translates Thai and English SMS. You send the SMS from the website or from your phone and the Thai girl send you a reply to your phone or email. You will get an accurate translation on what she is saying and not some Google translation that can mean anything.

Give them a try for valentine, send your Thai girlfriend a love poem or something If you buy 100 credits you get 100 free. ( domain is sold and no longer provide SMS to Thailand)

sms to Thailand
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Send Flowers to Thailand

Send Flowers to Thailand If you ever wanted to send flowers to Thailand we would recommend Thailand Flowers Delivery. They have been in business longer than any online florist i know and they always deliver what they promise. They keep their business very simple, 99 Roses for 99 USD.  They also have 999 Roses but so far nobody's every order that from what i gather. But if you want to IMPRESS your Thai girl you should alternately order 999 Roses for her on Valentines day in Thailand. But if it is out of your budget just stick with the 99 Roses for only 99 USD. Check for offers in our Thailand classified section.
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Online Thai Translator

Online Thai Translator If you need help with something in Thailand or need to ask something in Thailand, you can turn to Thailand Translator and their online service. They can help you with almost anything online and it is only cost you 1.99 per minute. They do everything from advice on love to help you pic out the right Thai text for your new tattoo. The first minute is always free and you can be sure that Thailand Translator always knows what they are talking about. If you need help in Thailand do not hesitate to contact Thailand Translator. You will find their chat link on their website or look for offers at our Thailand classifieds.
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Thailand Valentine

Thailand Valentine

Next Monday it is Valentine in Thailand and you will see all Thailand in red but maybe mostly in Bangkok. People will sell flowers in all street corners and places you would not imagine. If you now planned what to do on Valentine it is time for you to start planning but you can almost forget a hotel in Bangkok already but maybe you lucky to find a room in Pattaya or Phuket still.  Despite the fact that Thailand Valentine is not a holiday people treat it like a holiday.

If everything is lost and you are not in Thailand or simply not have time for something special just say it with flowers.

The best Thai florist we strongly recommend. If you want other offers check in the Thailand classifieds.

Thailand Valentine
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